Having more than 30 years of PVC experience and know how, Tek Seng Holdings Berhad is able to produce and customize PVC related products to cater different consumer bases. Our PVC products are able to be applied in various industries, including households, medical, stationery, bedding and mattress, automotive, etc.


Our PVC Flooring covers come in 2 selections. Our Best Selling product, the PVC Floor Covering, will make a room space look excellent effortlessly. The PVC Foam Floor Covering does the same with the added function as an insulator for adaptation to seasonal countries. These Floorings provides an easy to maintain surface for today’s hectic lifestyle and comes in assorted designs to match any room space’s interior designs.


Our PVC Foam Sheeting is based on our PVC Sheeting but with an added layer of foam. These foam sheets can be applied in stationeries, shoe interlinings, table top, car mats, and etc.


Our PVC sheets come in 3 selections as PVC Transparent Sheetings, PVC Translucent Sheetings, and PVC Coloured Sheets. These PVC Sheetings has a broad applications in both consumer use and industrial grade industries. They fit well in the various application as Packagings, Ceiling Boards, Wall Paper, Lamination on plywood, Stationaries, Raincoats, Car Mat, PVC Umbrella, Canopy, Coat Cover, and the list goes on.


Tek Seng’s table cloth is an economical, practical and aesthetic option that will add an interesting design feature to your home. Not only will the design enhance your home ambience, it brings colour and warmth to your living environment. These table clothes are perfect for food and beverages outlets as they provide a quick and hygenic solutions to cleaning.


We produce thick PVC sheets, in other term, PVC car mats which are mainly used in automotive industry. These PVC Car Mats are hard and durable and are used as a floor covering for the interior of lifts.


PVC leather fabric is very similar to PU leather fabric. Instead of polyurethane, PVC leather fabric is made by combining polyvinylchloride with stabilizers (to protect), plasticizers (to soften) and lubricants (to make flexible), and then applying to a base material. It is widely used in furniture upholstery, automotive, clothing and fabric industry.


Our tarpaulins are built to last and withstand both rain and sun. They are perfect for umbrellas, canopy, tent, and other outdoor uses. They come in various colours and designs.



Our environmental friendly PP Non-Woven Fabric are odorless with high tear and tensile strength. It also has good uniformity with light, soft smooth touch and most importantly non-allergenic and hygienic. Due to their anti-corrosion and chemical resistant properties, they are widely used for industrial application.

Our PP Spunbond Non-Woven offerings can be used in Personal Protective Equipments such as facial masks, shoes and head covers, gowns. Tek Seng expands its product ranges to include SS Non-Woven and SMS Non-Woven which can be used specifically for medical industry for surgical gowns, isolation gowns, etc.

Tek Seng also provides coating and lamination in order to achieve waterproof materials for Personal Protective Equipments.

These Non-Woven Fabric comes in a wide selections of colours.
Examples of their uses are:-


Baby diapers or nappies
Feminine hygiene
Adult incontinence products
Wet wipes
Bandages and wound dressings
Disposable bath and face towels
Disposable slippers and footwear


Isolation gowns
Surgical gowns
Surgical drapes and covers
Surgical scrub suits
Bouffant caps
Medical packaging: porosity allows gas sterilization
Consumer and medical masks

Industrial & Packaging

Recyclable Shopping Bags
Pillows, Cushions, Mattresses core,
Pocket springs and Upholstery paddings
Furniture interlinings


Our Cast Polypropylene sheets, commonly known as CPP are our new range of product offerings. CPPs are characterized and portrayed as cleaner and environmental friendlier products. They are widely used in stationery, food packaging and other industrial use.


Founded in 2010, located in Penang Science Park Malaysia, TS Solartech is dedicated to the research, development, and production of high-quality solar cells, modules, and PV system. The Company strives to become the world’s leading solar supplier through continuous innovation, outstanding production processes, high yield rates, and world-class product efficiency.


Up to 17.2% efficiency; Automated manufacturing
Through strong commitment in R&D, TS Solartech has made significant breakthroughs in product performance and quality execution. Our solar cells feature a low temperature coefficient, which help the cells be less susceptible to light-induced degradation or module hot spot risk. With a world class R&D team, TS Solartech has been consistently improving from inhouse integration of its production lines to on-site refinement of fabrication processes.

A full range of cell processing, including:
Multi-crystalline silicon-based cells;
Best solution for 250W/300W module made of 60/72 cells;
Standard cells calibrated by Fraunhofer ISE
Regularly monitor product performance and soldering properties;
Excellent mechanical performance proven by all customers;
100% inspected for shunt resistance and reverse current.

• 6 inch cell size with 2 busbars and 3 busbars;
• Wafer thickness of 180 to 200 mm;

Robust in-house automation systems
Consistently upgrading in quality, efficiency and yield rate;
• Highly automated wafer transport system;


The TSM-60P/3B-235, TSM-60P/B3- 240, TSM-60P/B3-245 are distinguished by Multi-crystalline solar cells with high efficiency up to 14.75% high output per square meter of module area. MSR delivers modules with positive tolerance from 0 – 4.99 watt, modules of the highest quality would be able to provide with this level of reliability.


TS Solartech Cell 3BB


Our vision is to be one of the global leaders in manufacturing of crystalline photovoltaic solar cells and providing long
term and sustainable PV solutions to our customers worldwide at an affordable price.


Our corporate mission is to provide competitive and innovative solutions to meet the needs for clean renewable energy.