Tek Seng Group acknowledges the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) in fostering a good business culture and practices. Our CSR objective is to be a socially responsible corporate in today’s world with continuous efforts to contribute and extend our responsibilities to our employees, the community and the development of our country. The various CSR initiatives undertaken by the Group are summarized below:


Health & Safety

In ensuring and providing a safe and conducive working environment for our employees, the Group had implemented various programmes such as handling of emergency situations, preventive and first aid trainings, techniques of fire-fighting and prevention, Risk Awareness during the financial year.

Sports and Wellness

Recognised the need to create harmony, better working relationships, co-operations and teamwork amongst the employees, our Group had supported and organized various sports and recreational activities during the financial year.


In order to uphold our CSR’s objective, our Group had made donations to various non-profit organisations such as Penang Chinese Town Hall, Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital, Society of The Blind in Malaysia, Montfort Boys Town, Beautiful Gate Foundation For The Disabled, Yayasan Kebajikan SSL Heamodialysis and other orphanage/handicapped/ charitable homes during the financial year for the purpose of assisting less fortunate communities in improving their lives and also in an effort to contribute to the local education sector.


Apart from contributing to the community in terms of economic value, the Group also acknowledges its role in preserving and conserving the environment. The Group had undertaken various measures and explored feasible opportunities during the financial year to minimise any adverse impact from manufacturing operations, waste disposals and products’ design and packaging.