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Our environmental friendly PP Non-Woven Fabric are odorless with high tear and tensile strength. It also has good uniformity with light, soft smooth touch and most importantly non-allergenic and hygienic. Due to their anti-corrosion and chemical resistant properties, they are widely used for industrial application.

These Non-Woven Fabric comes in a wide selections of colours.

Examples of their uses are: -


  • baby diapers or nappies
  • feminine hygiene
  • adult incontinence products
  • wet wipes
  • bandages and wound dressings
  • disposable bath and face towels
  • disposable slippers and footwear


  • isolation gowns
  • surgical gowns
  • surgical drapes and covers
  • surgical scrub suits
  • caps
  • medical packaging: porosity allows gas sterilization



  • gasoline, oil and air - including HEPA filtration
  • water, coffee, tea bags
  • pharmceutical industry
  • vacuum bags

These high quality PP Non-Woven Fabrics are manufactured by our direct subsidiary Double Grade Non-Woven Industries Sdn. Bhd.